Products and solutions
Payment Showcase
More than 20,000 payments.
Clients – Russian Post …
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Web + Mobile version
Money transfer service
500 transactions per second
More than 50 partners
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iOS / Android
Payments to self-employed collaborators, to cards of more than 80 countries
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Web / API
Mass Payment Service
Connection to the Fast Payment System from the NSPK
Quick connection to the SBP functionalities. Money transfers and payment by QR code.
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Web / API
Secure Payments – PGA
2-factor authentication and transaction authorization solution for acquiring banks
Web + Mobile version
Secure payments – PGI
3D-Secure authentication for issuing banks and processing centers
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Web + Mobile version
iOS / Android
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Software for biometric authentication of transactions. Works with ACS
Authentication via biometrics-MAS
100 projects and more than 30 unique solutions
Unified payment gateway
E-commerce Platform
MTS. Easy payment
Bulk SMS service
Card payments for the services of trade and service enterprises
Support of the ApplePay payment system
Bank of Georgia
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We were the first to launch SMS notification service for bank transactions. MTS easy payment — we came up with this project and implemented it. Since 1999, we have implemented more than 100 projects and 30 unique solutions for business