Intervale PayGuide Issuer
Intervale PayGuide Issuer is the complete 3D-Secure authentication product for Banks-Issuers and Processing Centers. PayGuide Issuer provides various card enrolment options and supports a variety of authentication methods.
— EMVCo (3DS ver 2.2)
— Visa
— MasterCard
— AmEx
— Union Pay
PayGuide Issuer includes Access Control Server (ACS) certified by:
— Support multiple authentication methods;
— Support numerous card enrolment solutions ready to use;
— Support cardholder, BIN or card range level configurations;
— Several banks can be supported within one ACS;
— High-level performance and fault tolerance;
— Provide important security features for data and user access protection, including HSM based database encryption;
— Include online ACS admin tool to follow operations online, on transactions, cardholders, users;
— Support multi-language options for authentication and for ACS admin tool;
— Easy installation and maintenance.

PayGuide Issuer software features:
— ACS admin, an online interface for individual card enrolment;
— Batch file enrolment, for mass card enrolment;
— Online enrolment on the Bank website;
— Online enrolment during shopping.
Card enrolment options:
— One Time Password sent via SMS, a combination of One Time and Permanent Passwords;
— Authentication through external system (Hardware tokens, Issuer's proprietary system etc.);
— Biometric authentication via Mobile app (dedicated App and SDK for Issuer's mobile banking).
— Risk based authentication;
Authentication options:
Web / API
— Based on current transaction data analysis;
— Using transaction history (transaction value only)
— API to an external risk scoring system.

Risk-based authentication
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