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R&D Center
The Intervale Research & Development Center was founded in Gomel, Republic of Belarus, in 2000. The strategic activity of the R&D Center is the development and testing of software products, technical support, as well as research activities in the field of software technologies.

The today market has high expectations towards companies specializing in the development of innovative technologies. The R&D Center provides not only the creation of competitive solutions in the field of mobile and e-commerce, but also operational deployment, modernization, scaling and technological support of software products 24/7.

The location of the R&D center in Gomel is due to the presence of a developed telecommunications infrastructure, a market of highly qualified professionals and a convenient geographical location, which allows to respond as flexibly as possible to changes in the information and communication market conditions and carry out accurate contractual work.

The staff of our R&D Center includes about 100 professional specialists, including programmers, designers, testers, architects, technical support engineers, technical writers, business analysts, project managers, system administrators, implementation engineers.

O&M Center
Our Operation & Maintenance Center provides support for the operability of the Company's software solutions, both on its own technological platforms and on the client side.
Historically, the Center was focused on supporting corporate clients, but recently its functionality has been significantly expanded with solutions for working on the B2C segment to support retail products in 24x7 mode. The center consists of a technical department, a product support department, an information security department and has more than 20 highly qualified specialists in support, maintenance, information system architecture, security and administration.

The Company's plan for the coming years includes further development of the O&M Center in the direction of introducing new customer support services and maintaining high standards of service quality.

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Intervale is a developer of high-load platform solutions and a service provider in the field of electronic and mobile commerce for government, commercial organizations and individuals.
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projects: payment platforms, personal accounts, money transfer services for banks, mobile operators and state-owned companies
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We were the first to launch SMS notification service for bank transactions. MTS easy payment — we came up with this project and implemented it. Since 1999, we have implemented more than 100 projects and 30 unique solutions for business