Unified Payment Gateway, RNiP subsystem for the Moscow DIT
Intervale has developed and implemented a Single Payment Gateway for the Official website of the administration of Moscow mos.ru
— Making payments from such portals as:
• Official website of the Mayor of Moscow
Autocode Website
• Website of the migration center
Moscow Parking Website
«Gosuslugi» Website

— Use of various payment instruments
— Automatic search of transfers
— Batch payments
— Storage of users ' bank card data to avoid re-entering card details.

At the first, test stage, the service supported the following functionalities:
— Autopayments for the service "Passage and Meals for schoolchildren"
— Support of payments of "Single Payment Document" using a unique protocol from the portal mos.ru
— Payment via the ApplePay payment tool
— Rest API for advance payments in the new mobile application "My Moscow" and in the existing application "Public Services of Moscow"
— Rest API for service delivery portals instead of the existing SOAP service
— and many other functions

At the second stage, which involves full-fledged industrial operation, the following functionalities were added to the capabilities of the EPSH:
During the development of the new solution, 19 integrations were carried out in the shortest possible time with external systems of the Department of Information Technologies of Moscow and the acquiring bank using various protocols. Preparatory analytical work, programming, testing and implementation were carried out at the highest level, a full set of product documentation was developed.

Our team has confirmed its high qualification and ability to solve problems of any complexity in a short time.

At the moment, the EPSH is part of the state information system of the RNIP, which provides registration of transfers and payments in the city of Moscow.
The new payment portal was supposed to have the following key advantages:

— Search for transfers in the state GIS system RNiP and GIS GMP,
— Multiple payments by a one click-batch payments,
— Autopayments for services,
— Storage of bank cards with a binding to the personal account of Gosuslugi.

A special feature of the project was the complex and unfamiliar infrastructure of the Moscow DIT. Our system analysts conducted a study of the information landscape in the shortest possible time and formed scenarios for the operation of the new system, worked out protocols and ensured the transactional integrity of the scenarios, which allowed the developers to create and launch a pilot in 3 months, and bring the system into operations in 5 months. In just two years, integration with 19 related systems was carried out, the payment gateway accepted 43,000 transactions per day from 630,000 unique users. High development rates were ensured by the excellent result of the team's work at all stages of the project, starting from analytics and ending with implementation.
The project of a Single Payment Gateway involves improving the convenience of paying for state and municipal services on the website of the Mayor of Moscow. The project was a challenge for our team, because it was necessary to replace the existing solution with a new, convenient solution with a significant increase in functionality in a short time, without losing the Customer base that was attracted earlier.
Creating a functional project architecture in Sparx Enterprise Architect, providing detailed study of protocols and alternative scenarios minimized the number of questions at the coding and integration tests stage, the microservice architecture was used for the first time on the project, which allowed for a quick start of the project and parallel development in different services, the implementation of autotests provided a quick regression of previously created functionalities, the implemented CI / CD technology allowed to quickly bring new functionalities to a productive environment without stopping the service. The use of the Elastic Stack monitoring system made it possible to quickly monitor the state of the system in real time, which reached 50 microservices. As a result of well-coordinated work, the availability meets high requirements and was 99.99%.
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